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Knockout Laredo,TX Hardcore
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We are Knockout ,a new hardcore band from Laredo,TX


 Knockout(K.O) started when Carlos and I decided that we wanted to start a hardcore band to play at friends parties,but we were just two guitarists and we needed a singer so we got a good friend Gabe to sing and our friend Andrew "bitesize" Batey on drums. We weren't too worried about getting a bassist because My bro played the bass so we just got him. We wrote a couple of songs and they turned out really good and before long we were playing at parties and jamming out at peoples houses. Our style is a mix of fast paced rythms, melodic 2-steps, and heavy ass breakdowns!! Were really trying to get our music out there for everyone to hear, but if you really want to hear us be sure to visit our "shows" section to check out when the next show is. that's all for now        -Whipps-



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